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Depending on the day of the week, there are numerous markets, galleries and shops incorporated in places like the Old Biscuit Mill, the two Hout Bay Markets and the Montebello Design Centre.

Greenmarket Square in the City Centre is a must to visit with all the curios, brightly patterned  cloth and African style jewellery for sale.

Vibey Long Street, Kloof  Street and the Cape Quarter boast many new design trends with a local flair.

Non Profit making Projects like Art in the Forest in support of Light from Africa Foundation (which raises funds for aids orphanages), Monkey Biz (income generating bead project creating sustainable employment and focuses on women’s economic empowerment and health development), Streetwires, Papermaking and Literacy, Teabag recycling and refashioning, may be visited – these give skills, dignity and the means to earn a living to those involved.

Cape Town has many relevant art galleries which will impart a comprehensive overview of the local art scene.

If food and the preparation of food is your artistic outlet we can offer you food produce markets (usually Saturdays) as well as four hour cooking workshops specialising in the fascinating mixture of Eastern and European ingredients and spices which trace the history of our our remarkable past.

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